John Stokes and PAZ will talk at the Summit on Global Resilience

The Tracking Project

John Stokes and PAZ (Mapitzmitl Xuikwetpaltzin — long-time member of our Native Advisory Board) have been asked to present for this upcoming Summit on Global Resilience. Our presentation has already been recorded and includes our thoughts on tracking, survival, culture, gratitude and healing our relation to the Earth.

John Stokes and PAZ will be at the Global Resilience Summit, May 2020

Our individual and collective wellbeing is at great risk in these perilous times. It has become quite clear that Resilience is No Longer a Luxury. Our friends at Heart Mind Institute have created a free, online and highly interactive Summit to help all of us deepen and sustain our individual and collective resilience so that we can meet the immense challenges we face with wisdom, compassion and skillful means.

Would you like to learn strategies for increasing and sustaining your own resilience and contributing to your communities’ resilience from over 40 world-class experts and global thought leaders. You will have the opportunity to do that and more during the six-day Global Resilience Summit brought to you by Heart Mind Institute in partnership with the Engaged Mindfulness Institute.

The Covid-19 pandemic is exposing all of us to significant traumatic distress and placing us at risk for a host of stress and trauma related health consequences in addition to the risk of contracting the Covid-19 disease itself. By proactively addressing these risks with the resilience boosting strategies we will learn during this Summit, we can all do our best to take care of ourselves, our families, our co-workers or employees and each other at this time.

In addition, resilience is a long-term issue for the future of humanity on this earth. In this Summit, we will explore strategies for increasing individual, relational, collective, cultural, social and systemic resilience. We will also explore the relationship between trauma and resilience, as well as the relationship between social, economic and racial justice, human rights and societal resilience. Finally, we will be guided in listening to and healing our relationship with the earth by indigenous leaders and environmentalists.

An Entirely New Kind of Interactive Online Summit: Heart Mind Institute has created an Interactive Summit Space that will allow attendees like you to interact in almost limitless curated and self-organizing ways with your fellow participants, sponsors and additional presenters. This will be like no other Summit you have ever attended, including film premiers and a virtual exhibition hall where you can learn about the amazing work of many of our presenters and sponsoring organizations.

Join us and Heart Mind Institute for the Global Resilience Summit to explore this critical question of resilience with 40+ world class experts and global thought leaders like Tara Brach, Dan Siegel, Rhonda Magee, Richie Davidson, Joan Halifax, Stephen Porges, Nikki Meyers, Rick Hanson, Bill McKibben, Diane Musho Hamilton, George Mumford, Zachary Stein, Tiokasin Ghosthorse and many more…

Join me and our friends at Heart Mind Institute and learn how to:

—Deepen your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resilience
—Co-regulate with others for trauma healing and resilient relationships
—Co-create communities of care and resilience, wisdom and compassion
—Envision and work toward a culture of resilience, justice and sustainability
—Heal and realign your relationship with the earth, all species and humanity

Free streaming of the summit starts Tuesday, May 12th at 7:00 am EDT USA, click here to claim your free ticket.

Best wishes,
John & PAZ