Youth Arts of Life

Each year in addition to our travels and our work with communities around the world, The Tracking Project hosts a number of camps and awareness trainings in the mountains of northern New Mexico. We rarely highlight these gatherings in our newsletter, yet they form the core of our teachings, with thousands of people having passed through the trainings over the past 22 years. Here is a brief look at these camps.

This will be the twentieth year for this advanced training camp for young men. Skills include advanced tracking, stalking, movement and living on the land. Limited to 13 young men.

Skills include tracking, survival, Nature awareness, music, story, dance, comedy and the martial arts. Limited to 30 boys. This will be the thirty-third year of the Hawkeye camp.

Our week-long wilderness experience for young women, ages 12–18, now in its twenty fourth year. Offering basic tracking and survival skills, music, story, dance and natural movement training, this camp is a counterpart to our Hawkeye Training camp for boys. Limited to 30 girls.