Dreamtracking: a skills-based camp for girls ages 10–16

Dreamtracking Arnis

In 1996 we held our first Dreamtracking camp for girls. The philosophy for the camp is best exemplified by this quote from “Women are the Center of all Things Within Iroquois Society,” an article by Mohawk writer Doug George / Kanentiio:

“In the Iroquois world, a female baby is a blessing from the Creator because she means the cycle of our generations will continue on. From earliest childhood a girl baby is encouraged to take a leading role in her family and group…. In the past, young women were expected to be physically strong. They had to learn all the skills of survival…. Before she reached puberty, an Iroquois woman would have been able to survive in any environment.”

Now in its 15th year, Dreamtracking offers training in nature awareness, tracking and the Arts of Life. Firemaking, archery, camouflage and silent movement are blended with self-defense techniques, art, “lotions and potions,” as well as dance—from hula to traditional Azteca dancing. This camp is a counterpart to our camps for boys.

As with Hawkeye, up to 30 campers a year may take part and these young women are given first preference for returning the following year.  Dreamtracking has already attracted young women from as far away as Austria, Hawai‘i and Brazil.