Geri AyraultGeri Ayrault

Geri Ayrault has trained and taught with The Tracking Project for the last 20 years, after making an initial connection with John Stokes and his staff at Omega in Rhinebeck, New York in 1990. She has been a core staff member of the Dreamtracking wilderness camp for girls since it began in 1996 and has staffed Tracking Project school and mentor programs in New Mexico and around the US and in Hawaii.

Geri is an artist and a mother to two young daughters and growing Dreamtrackers and has a Masters degree in counseling and a 12 year background as a child and family therapist. Her work with raising and counseling children has deepened her belief in and commitment to helping children, especially girls and young women, become knowledgeable, comfortable and attuned in nature. She feels it is crucial to teach youth about the natural world and the arts and skills to become a wise and respectful presence in wild places. Through this development of comfort, knowledge and a deep sense of gratitude for what the natural world has to offer them, young people will develop into the stewards this earth requires for not only sustainability but true regeneration and healing.