Lisa Bennett-Matkin

Lisa Bennett-MatkinLisa Bennett-Matkin

Lisa has been teaching yoga and meditation for close to 25 years. She is known to many through her appearance on the Yoga Zone TV shows and their line of videos. She was the co-director of the Mind Body Therapy Department at Haelth, a complementary Health Care Center in NYC founded by Dr. William Fair of Memorial Slone Kettering where she co-developed a 1000 hour therapeutic yoga teacher training certification program.

She has been on the faculty of Kripalu, Omega, and The Open Center. Lisa is the star of Anchor Bay’s “Healing Yoga” line of videos, which are currently available, and she has participated in writing, developing, and producing over 23 retail videos and DVD releases. She was a contributing Editor at Fit Yoga Magazine, and has also contributed to numerous other publications.

She has been a friend of The Tracking Project since 1999 and has been on the staff since 2012, teaching yoga and wellness at Dreamtracking and Tracking in the Southwest. Lisa completed Nurturing the Roots / New Mexico, The Tracking Project’s three year community mentor program in 2014.

Lisa’s therapeutic teaching style finds inspiration from her own life challenges and experiences, which she shares generously from her heart and spirit to guide others to re-connect with their own uniqueness.